What did you do at the ripe OLD age of 10

So good help is hard to find… or Any help.. at all!  It seems impossible to find help here in the bush. Tho we have had a couple that were literally priceless….. and we have had some that you wouldn’t believe the story if you seen it yourself, but that’s for another post.

 So we decided that we as a family, can come together to make it work.  It takes all of us to make it work, but it can be done.

So what did you do at the age of 10?

No video games here!!!

Drive a dozer, you say? Yes, that’s what Berry is doin’ at the ripe OLD age of 10.


No he’s not moving mountains yet, but baby steps people, baby steps! He is learning quickly, tho

Here he is driving it down the road, don’t worry it’s just a little one, lol, whatever!


P.S.  I tried letting Berry drive the jeep (the neighbor taught him to drive last summer), he said “ya, ya, mom I know how to drive” then took off.  I thought, “oh he knows what he is doin”, WRONG!  He went to stop and just slams the jeep (an automatic) into park as we are doin about 15 mph!!!  As Faith is flying into the back of the seat, he looks at me and says “what? what’s wrong, that’s what you do in the dozer”  I told him, he needs a repeat course in driving 101, he laughed at me.

Here we are following Berry (in the dozer ) out to the half way point to the mining camp.



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