My metal work

I would like to give a shout out to my bead swap partner Linda Anderson of Cherry on Top Designs Co. for taking me as a partner with no idea what she is dealing with.  Yes, I can be a hot mess, but without viewing any samples, whoa….scary, lol!

So I finally dug out some samples of my metal work.  They were deep in storage and since I am huge preggo, it took a while.  Since moving here, I have not been hard at it as before.  With 5 kids and the 6th on the way, homeschooling, living in the bush, it gets busy.

but here are a few samples…….

copper etched

This was my first official etched copper piece.

I moved on to soldered glass pieces.  So much fun and so many ways to go!

soldered glass

And then a lil’ silver…..


A bezeled jasper stone and then……….

pearls n silver bracelet

Stamped silver with fresh water pearl bracelet…my fave!


So here is a sample of my work and more to come, unless this lil’ man comes early, which is expected, lol.

On to lampwork beads next………



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