Eating in the bush


Okay for a family of 7, with the 8th coming any day now, living out in the middle of nowhere has it’s challenges!  Our cabin is in a very small town, especially winter everyone heads to warmer weather.  We have 1 store/restaurant/shower/laundry/etc.. place to shop, but the prices are a lil to hard to swallow…

sliced ham $14.00

shower $7.00

wash/dry load of laundry 7.00

for a big family this is a bit out of budget

So we try to shop once every 1-2 months in bulk, this means about $2500-4000 in groceries in 1 day typically.  Talk about work!!! Plus we have a flat bed truck, loaded down top to bottom. Which has it’s cons

1.  Kids- smash kids in to truck and pack non freezer items around them, they can NOT move for the 3 hr journey home.

2. Ravens-  The ravens are in all the parking lots, waiting and watching all the vehicles looking to ravage.  I had one dig to the bottom of a box to bust open a 25lb pack of hamburger meat right in the middle.

3. Freezing- Temperatures range all the way to 50 below zero, so for a 3 hr trip home food freezes FAST!

4.  The mountain passes-  You must check temps and weather.  If the wind is blowing you can get stuck on 1 of the 3 mountain passes.  This wouldn’t be good for kids packed in for over 18 hrs or the food on the truck.

So taking all of this in mind we like to get groceries as little as possible.  Here’s some pics of one haul. About 1 months supply.

Take in mind we have a little cabin and have to find places to stash everything,lol. Everything becomes a hot mess to unpack and then put up, we are so tired from the trip. And this isn’t half of it!

I mean 10 dozen eggs, 13 boxes of cereal and 100lbs of sugar should do for a while you would think!


p.s.  I miss eating out SO MUCH!!!!! cooking 3 meals and usually a dessert or snack a day for the family gets old quick and variety gets stale.


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