Me and My Jewelry Making

I love jewelry design and making it from the ground up.  I use differnt types of mediums and like to combine them to make something differnt and inspirational.  I believe words have power.  The bible says there is life and death in the tongue, so I use words in my jewelry to encourage and inspire.

I love metalsmithing, using differnt metals and connections to add a flare to each piece. Silver is my favorite.  The combination of differnt metals like copper, brass and silver can give color to a piece.  Yet the simplicity of just one metal can still make the piece stand on it’s own.

Glass soldering is also a favorite of mine.  You can take differnt ideas, colors and textures to make something grand.  Glass soldering is so much fun.  This medium allows me the oppurtunity to put more words and phrases of inspiration into each piece, where as some mediums, such as lampworking, it’s hard if not impossible.

Lampworking has always intrigued me.  I have recently started lampworking and love it.  I must say it takes alot of time and dedication to get it right, but I love the challenge. Lampworking can add color or that little “pop” you sometimes need to make a piece stand out.  And lets not forget the colors, OH, how I love the colors lampwork can bring to a piece.

I am not a professional, looking to sell my artwork to every woman that crosses my path, not that there is anything wrong with that.  I am just a simple woman, who loves the art of jewelry making.  Let’s be honest jewelry making, especially sterling silver and lampwork is far from cheap.  I spend more money learning and buying tools, than I have ever made back.  It’s the experience, the art, and the meeting of new people that I love about it. I could spend a fortune in just taking classes, which I totally enjoy. Taking those techniques and using them in my pieces to inspire others is just a bonus..

I love the kind of old world style with some pop and rhinestones.  I know it can be tacky if overdone but I think glitter and rhinestones can really set off the right piece, but then again it can be “TOO MUCH”!  I love pastels especially the pinks, purples and blue/turquiose.  Yes, a lil’ girly, I know, lol.  Bold colors intrigue me, but send me running.  I am just not that bright red lipstick kinda gal.  Tho a black and white piece can be simple and so beautiful.

I love colored fresh water pearls, rhinestones, old buttons, even found pieces with that antique look.  These combined with a word or phrase, can turn into something really amazing.  I llike to add old letters and even black and white photography to add to some pieces for that little something differnt.  I once was told there are no mistakes only artistic decisions.

Oh and lets not forget resin.  The amazing 3D things you can do with resin.  The possibilities are endless.

All of these mediums, whether by themselves or mixed together for one piece, that’s what I love to do in my free time.


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